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W2QW Repeaters  146.625 - PL 141.3     442.250 - PL 141.3

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W2QW December 10th, 2016 Work Party

W2QW June 28-29, 2013 Work Party

A critical work party took place at the W2QW Repeater site. The work crew club members (AC2FE, KB2SFH, KB2VRM, KC2YSF, KC2ZXP, KD2ARB, KD2DUK, and WB2BEW) were the ground crew for Telco Communications climber, Dave Ehehalt, N2DAE. The 2 meter antenna and the 440 mHz antenna arrays were assembled and prepared for raising into place.

The 2 meter array was hoisted and installed. The 440 Mhz array will be raised at a future date. AC2FE will provide a report at the July meeting. The 2 meter antenna is performing well without the Henry amplifier at this time. WB2BEW is gathering information from club members on the air from different geographical areas.

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W2QW Volunteer Examiners receive Above and Beyond Certificates of Appreciation from the Township of Manalapan Medical Reserve Corps- Community Emergency Response Team (Click HERE)


K2VHW's suggested emergency VHF/UHF Radio Frequencies
K2VHW's suggested emergency VHF/UHF Radio Frequencies to monitor during
times of emergency. These frequencies should be programmed into your HT's
and portable radios. They will help you stay informed of the chatter on Ham
frequencies and Broadcast News Media Teams covering related events. To view (Click here)...
W2AEW, Alan Wolke, JOTA 2012
Club member Alan participated in the Jamboree On The Air scouting event at the OMARC facility at Camp Diana in Wall Township the weekend of October 20-21, 2012. The event was very successful with many scout troops and OMARC members participating. (Photos by Bob Bedard, KA8SAF).


Member WA2F, John Manna?
Member John Manna, WA2F, donates a wall display collection of Frequency Control Crystals Devices to the Radio Technology Museum..... (More)
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